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Eroticism on the beach is different, there is a professional, and there is also amateur, nudist girls are happy to pose for the camera and do not suffer from the complexes, because they are all right with the figures. Slim and beautiful, they are completely naked on the beach, having fun and enjoying this holiday. Nudists photo this proves and denote the beauty of nudism and naturism. Models with glossy magazines, silently smoke bamboo on the sidelines, and we lean back in a soft chair, look at all this and admire these brave and free people.

"Loaded things in three cars and drove off. I knew that Angela likes to sunbathe without panties, but I was not in a hurry to join her. It was scary, to be honest. Around was many of haired hairy men with strong members, and you - without panties. But the men turned out to be benevolent, they went with their wives and did not bother anyone. As a result, I threw off all my clothes and began to rejoice in the warm August sun.

You can not imagine how great it is to lie like nude catch the man's views! Tits and ass at me are very good, so I had no doubt in my success. One of the guys was single, and soon I moved to his tent. During the day we bathed, played volleyball, at night drank wine, and at night frenziedly fucked. In the morning I caught the sly glances of my friend. The vacation was a success!"

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"Asya and Yana decided to walk along the beach of nudists in Fox Bay. The girls took off all their clothes and with a smile, naked in nature along the Black Sea, wandered and shows their beautiful asses. Nobody paid much attention to them, because it is a beach of nudists, practically all of them without clothes."

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During the existence of nudism, many married couples were formed, which had children and did not change their principles. Photos from family nudist beaches fascinate with their naturalness and warmth. The nudist beach is a family shelter for those who rejected the conventions and abandoned the power of textiles. There are going to naked enthusiasts from all over the world.

Many countries have taken away at the resorts corners in which you can sunbathe naked all family. Undressed couples actively use such opportunities. On the wild beaches reigns a sincere and friendly sexual atmosphere, the people here are friendly and sociable. We picked up the best photos of naked couples to introduce you to the ideas of naturism. Look at how men and women rest together on the beach, and having sex there enjoy the summer sun, forget about noisy cities and strict bosses.

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Nudists sex in the photo - it's just nice, because after looking at this we can only admire the courage of these people who are imbued with nature and gave her their bodies. And she already by right will help to enjoy all the delights of sexual games at beaches. Throwing off clothes nudists try to understand and penetrate into the depths of nature thus defeating prejudices about dishonesty of their behavior. Struggling with society and defending their positions, nudists argue that by right they have every right to have a sex at nature . Beautiful photos of nudists from the most beautiful places of our land, beaches and forests, fields and rivers, all this is due to us, and we should respect it with all respect, and not destroy created from the universe. Having plunged into the world of nudism and understanding the nudists themselves, it becomes clear that these are one of the most hopeless people. They peacefully rest get from life all the delights and enjoy all that Mother gave us nature. Every corner of the earth and every drop of water should not be destroyed, but only preserved in its original form. This is what the nudists are striving for. thereby proving to society its position ...
If you like nudist babes, then it's time to linger in this section. We also like figurative nudists in juice. The pussy must be juicy and young, and the breast is elastic. And now a sexy girl, naked everywhere, decided to publish her intimate photos taken on a wild beach. Is it possible to pass by such beauty? Photos of naturists on the beach are always fascinating, especially if you are facing young and appetizing sexy chicks. The girls has slim legs, a posh ass and absolute emancipation in her eyes. Do you think she could not have sex with you in public? Yes, it does not cost anything!
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It's boring to sit in one place, so I decided to go to the Mediterranean coast in August. All my life I dreamed of visiting a nude beach in Saint-Tropez. I saved money and collected my time off at the office. The hour has struck - it's time to fly to the owners of strong French bolts. Well, I'm a girl, so "just sunbathing" is not for me. Going to the azure coast, I immediately set a goal - to find a hot stallion!

I did not want to stay in an expensive hotel. So I chose a budget hostel and went looking for the legendary Pampelonne.

Surely you come across a photo of nudists made on this beach. But there is no wildness here. It's crowded, a lot of tourists, expensive beds. Yes, there are nude nudists, but almost everything with their girls. The sea is clean, but I did not like the rest. So I decided to take the advice of an acquaintance of an Englishman - ride a rented car just to the side and turn to the sea near one of the villages. There I found a stunned secluded beach, which I still remember.

Immediately make a reservation: together with this Englishman we went. Acquainted through a closed group of nudists. We set up a tent on a sandy spit and spent three days enjoying the sea and the sun. They had a good fuck, drank cheap French wine, drowned with a pipe. In general, everything was cool!

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Charming beautiful girls live on nudist beaches, their mind-boggling naked bodies sparkle in the sun before crowds of people and at their sight all are subdued by their beauty. Nudist photos are not just naked heifers, they are people who have received freedom for themselves, they do not want to sunbathe in clothes and nobody has the right to prohibit them. Let's mark this with the motto - Sun, girls, sex and water - you're right nudist!

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This summer, the sun fried Crimean, more than ever. Global warming? I do not even know. I was lying naked on the most beautiful beach of the Black Sea and did not think about the world's problems. I wanted to soak up the sun's rays with every cell of my body.

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I set out to go to Foxy Bay back in April of last year. The acquaintances unanimously asserted that this is a paradise for informal people, and if you were not in Fox Bay, then you did not live at all. Hidden this beach near the village of Kurortnoye. First I went to Feodosia, and from there I took a bus to Biostation. Further - a few kilometers on sand. And that, mind you, with a backpack.

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Fox Bay stretched as far as five kilometers. There are enough mysterious people who have escaped from civilization. Some of them live in tents for half a year. I decided not to break away from society and also settled in a tent camp. The new reality quickly dragged on. Dating, a pleasant climate, sex at beach, philosophical reflections ... And even tan, of course. I wanted the vacation not to end, and time froze along with the sun at the zenith. But there is a limit to everything. I forgot for a city with eternally gloomy colleagues, traffic jams, smog and other joys. Now - wait for the next summer.

A light breeze blows out a gentle tanned skin, somewhere in the distance a steamboat swims and the noise of the wave soothingly muffles the cry of seagulls. Beautiful girls nudists everywhere, warm sand and salt sea attracts them like a magnet.

I already lost my head in all this beauty and do not know where to look. All around there are so many beautiful  nudists that I want to run to the sea and cool the excited cock. Running past one girl standing by the water completely naked and saw my rising member, she smiled slightly and went after me into the sea.

"Who did you like from those girls that got you so erected?" She asked.

I knew what to say, because she was damn good, of course I told her that you are the most beautiful on this beach.

The girl smiled slightly and swam to the other side, after which as my riser was asleep, I went to my veil and lay down under the scorching sun. I tried not to look at the nudists anymore, I had enough pain in my testicles from overexcitation and switching my thoughts about what I would be doing in the evening closed my eyes.

For a long time I had to dream, I felt that someone had blocked me from the sun and opened my eyes, I saw women's feet in the sand.

- Let's make love - she said and shook her hair over my naked body.

Drops of water so pleasantly struck the skin, and the girl laid down on me on one rug and began to get fucked. As we spent time with her, this is already in the next story.